Your hidden porn library

Do you watch online porn?

Of course, who doesn’t? We want to introduce to you a swiss army knife for everyone who loves watching porn online. It’s a porn library on steroids available on any device, with amazing features. It’s also a community for porn diggers. Come, and join us! You won’t regret!

masturbation app

How does it work?


Panic button

Close all your porn tabs by using one shortcut. All the other tabs will stay open. Act like nothing has happened when your mom comes to your room without knocking!

close all your porn tabs - porn app

History cleaner

Clean your porn history from the top to the ground. We support over 100 services so it’s pretty possible that we can wash clear all your dirty moments in web history.

Porn library

Use categories and tags to keep order in your porn movies. Mark the best ones as superhot! Open your library whenever and wherever you want. It’s always available in the cloud!

The community of social diggers!

You can create your porn library by digging yourself or use our community to check out what are the hottest movies right now!

Be safe, be incognito

Your porn library is always password protected. The connection with the cloud is restricted and secured by our technology.

Be free from spam and data trading

With us, you are 100% anonymous. We use your email address only to inform you about new features and the hottest diggs. But only if you need it.

We support 100+ services

No shame, no time wasting, no spam!
Just pleasure!

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