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Your secret personalized porn library

Do you often watch porn films? Of course, who doesn't?
Do you often return to your favourite film? We've got something which makes it easier for you! A plug for your browser which lets you create your secret porn library! Stop bookmarking the films - create the safe library available only for you!

How it works

Hand on board lets you

To create a personal database of your favorite films, without registering on any porn sites.

Protect your inbox against spammailings - we won't send you even confirmation email.

See how our panic button works.
Click Ctrl+Shift+L to close all your porn tabs.

To be incognito all the time - only you have access to your library, which is protected by your password.

Clear all your porn history by one click. Be sure no one else will see that you have been watching porn.

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No shame, no time wasting, no spam!
Just pleasure!

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